Dark Souls 2 – How to Join the Dragon Covenant


If you’re interested in joining the Dragon Covenant in Dark Souls 2, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can join the group. First, you need a Token of Spite. These tokens are hidden in chests near bosses in Undead Purgatory and The Gutter. Once you have them, you’ll be able to invade other players and duel other Covenant members.

Blue Sentinels

The Blue Sentinels are a covenant that is found in Dark Souls II. These covenant members protect those who belong to the Way of Blue. In addition, they also protect the world from people who have sinned against them. The Blue Sentinels are very similar to the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant that was also found in the previous game. To join the Blue Sentinels, you must first defeat the Old Dragonslayer.

You can join the Way of the Blue and protect other members of the Way of Blue by defeating them. The Blue Sentinel Targray is the leader of this group, and you can find him in the Cathedral of Blue, next to the Pit. You must also defeat the Old Dragonslayer to get the Token of Fidelity.

The Blue Sentinels covenant protects its members and summons them to battle invaders. However, they can only fight CPU-controlled enemies. When you defeat a Blue Sentinel, you’ll earn a Token of Fidelity, which you can use to fight other members of the Blue Sentinels covenant.

The other PVP covenant is the Company of Champions. Here, players can duel against other players and earn rank. This is one of the easiest PVP covenants to join, and the rewards are excellent. As a full rank player, you can equip the Great Black Dragon set, which includes the Black Dragon Greatsword. This set is extremely powerful, and can only be removed when you die. However, you might find a better set for yourself in the later levels.

Another way to increase the Blue Sentinels’ stats is to level them up. This way, you can summon a friend or a blue fighter in a battle. The blue Sentinels can also be summoned to protect you against a hostile invasion.

The Ruin Sentinels are also important to defeat in order to progress in the game. To defeat them, you must kill a canine enemy and use a Pharros Lockstone on the wall to reveal a path. Once you’ve killed the Ruin Sentinels, you can then join Targray and bring justice to a dangerous world.

Bell Keepers

In Dark Souls 2 you can become a Bell Keeper by defeating enemies and ringing the bells in both Belfries. In addition to this, you must defeat at least 100 trespassers to get rank 3. The ring that you wear in the covenant cannot be removed, and while summoning is allowed, your icon will pulse with light. Be warned that the Bell Keeper is a very powerful boss. You need to use caution and be very careful when battling these creatures.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be given the chance to join the Dragon Covenant in Dark Souls 2. You’ll be given a Bell Keeper’s Seal ring and five Rusted Coins and must kill trespassers to be able to join the Covenant. If there are no hosts available, the Bell Keepers will invade the other tower. To join the Bell Keepers, go to the Servant’s Quarters and talk to the small man sitting on a dresser.

Once you’ve completed the Bell Keeper Covenant, you’ll be able to attack and kill the Mad Warrior, which will increase your Bell Keeper rank. You’ll need to defend the Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol from trespassers, including Blue Arbiter Spirits. You can summon up to two Bell Keepers at one time. You can also take out the Mad Warrior in Belfry Sol. However, beware: the Bell Keeper Covenant will not prevent the invasion of other Bell Keepers.

While this is not a viable option for everyone, it’s an important part of the game’s PvP experience. By becoming a Bell Keeper, you’ll earn the Titanite Chunk and increase your Covenant’s overall ranking. You can also use your Bell Keeper’s Seal to use the Titanite Chunk to stop climbers from reaching the top of the Bell. While you’re at it, be sure to equip a Petrified Egg in your inventory.

The Petrified Egg is an important item that you’ll need to find in order to join the Dragon Covenant in Dark Souls 2. If you do not find it, you can obtain it from Magerold Lanafir in the Black Gulch. It’ll also unlock a trophy and an achievement for the Dragon Covenant. Once you’ve joined the Covenant, you’ll receive an awesome weapon and armor set.

Brotherhood of Blood

The Brotherhood of Blood covenant is a tough challenge that requires a high level. To advance in this covenant, players must fight through three arenas. Each victory in an arena earns the player rank points. Players need 500 rank points to reach Rank 3 in the Covenant. However, if you fail to win in an arena, you will lose your rank points.

You can obtain the Covenant membership from Darkdiver Grandahl, who can be found at three locations in the game. You will then receive an Abyssal Seal ring, which can help you open up a special single player dungeon that features an optional boss. You can use this ring to gain experience and gear. If you are able to collect enough of these rings, you can increase the rank of your character.

The Brotherhood of Blood covenant is similar to the Dark Wraiths covenant in Dark Souls. Players who join the Brotherhood of Blood must invade other players’ territories and spill their blood for Nahr Alma. While this might seem like a simple task, it can be difficult, especially if some players are protected by Blue Sentinels. The good news is that you can join this covenant after defeating the Executioner Chariot and talking to Tiny Gren.

As a member of the Brotherhood of Blood, you can invade other players’ worlds, which gives you a higher rank in the Covenant. It also gives you a Token of Spite, which increases your chance to invade the worlds of other players. The Token of Spite is a required item to join the Brotherhood. You can find it in a wooden chest near Gren.

The Brotherhood of Blood covenant is similar to the Darkwraith Covenant in Dark Souls. However, the Brotherhood of Blood covenant requires players to sacrifice blood in order to obtain the legendary weapon Nahr Alma. Similarly, the Heirs to the Sun covenant requires players to aid other players while the Bell Keepers covenant aims to protect twin bells – a symbol of unrequited love.

The Brotherhood of Blood in Dragon Covenant Dark Soults 2 is another powerful faction to join in this game. It is possible to summon non-members and use them to your advantage. However, this will not help you summon enemies in the Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros. Once you have a Token of Spite, you can start summoning your non-member members. The rewards for this faction are a number of powerful weapons and items.

Dragon Remnants

The first step in joining the Dragon Covenant is to find Magerold of Lanafir. To get to him, you must kill the first knights in the Dragon Shrine and drop down to the Petrified Egg section. From there, you must kill enemies and present the petrified egg to Magerold.

When you enter the world, you will find a bonfire. It is located near the Belfry Sol and the Pharros Lockstone door. Once you get this, you can join the Dragon Covenant. You will then be able to fight against the enemies in the three arenas.

To become a member of the Dragon Covenant, you must kill enemies that shoot lightning and kill two shield/hammer knights. Once you have done this, you will be able to find a chest and an elevator. If you have one of these chests, you can use it to offer Dragon Scales to others. This will help you rank up. You can also use the scales to purchase items.

You must also gather Token of Spite to become a member of the Cunning Covenant. This is the second way to join the Dark Souls Covenant and will increase the difficulty level of the game and damage dealt to monsters and bosses. Once you obtain a Token of Spite, you can also use Pharros’ Lockstones to activate traps.

After acquiring the Dragon Eye, you can summon someone. To do this, you must kill an enemy and take his or her corpse. You can also use the petrified dragon egg to join the Dragon Covenant. You can also take the Petrified Dragon Egg to a merchant in Iron Keep.

You can also join the Path of the Dragon Covenant using a master key. The Covenant is located in an optional area called Black Gulch. You can find him by killing giants in this area. You can then use a key to unlock a gate and open it. The Covenant leader is in this room.

If you have a high level and wish to join the Dragon Covenant, you will have access to a good set of equipment. As a bonus, the Xanthous Set and Dragon Chime give you the fastest casting speed in the game. In addition to that, you will be able to use the Climax Hex, which deals tremendous damage. In addition, you’ll have permanent access to Dark Chasm, which is a great place for farming Bonfire Ascetic.


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