How to Buy Season Pass in Destiny 2


If you’re wondering how to buy a season pass in Destiny 2, there are a couple of things that you need to know. Read on to learn more about the requirements, cost, and leveling requirements of this premium feature. Then, be sure to visit Twinfinite for more information on the game.

Buying a Season Pass in Destiny 2

Buying a Season Pass is a great way to unlock new content for Destiny 2. The new content includes new armor, gear, and story missions. However, the Season Pass will cost you Silver, a premium currency. There are various ways to get Silver, including buying it in-game or from a retailer.

The best thing about this expansion is that players can enjoy the new story mode, the Witch Queen. This new story mode will give players an even greater reason to play the game. Additionally, players will be rewarded with a new set of items and resources when they level up their characters. Buying a Season Pass is also a great way to unlock new content faster.

Purchasing a Season Pass in Destiny 2 will grant you access to every single activity, event, story, and mission that a certain Season has to offer. It will also give you access to themed armor and Artifacts that you won’t otherwise have access to. When you have access to all of the Season’s content, you’ll receive a number of rewards, including the Premium Track. If you purchase a Season Pass, you can level up your Pass quickly by completing seasonal challenges.

The Season Pass in Destiny 2 is similar to a battle pass in other games. You’ll get more rewards for buying a season pass, including new items, weapons, and skins. In addition to getting more rewards, you’ll get 100 ranks, which you can use to purchase more powerful gear. While the Season Pass can be a good investment for the game, remember that the real rewards come with a price tag.

The first season of Destiny 2 will cost a total of 1,000 Silver, which equates to $9.99. It will be available in the Director after the game’s Season officially launches on May 24. A season pass unlocks additional cosmetic items, armor, and the Trespasser exotic.


If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about the new Season Pass. The new pass includes a number of new events and perks for the game, and it can be purchased for approximately $10. The season pass will give you access to all the events, perks, and more in Destiny 2.

Season Pass content includes a new Exotic sidearm and plenty of new gear. The Season Artifact will also level up as you play, granting you access to new abilities and mods. However, it will only last for a limited time, and will disappear at the end of each season. It is possible that Bungie will increase the level cap in the future.

If you purchase the Premium Track Season Pass and don’t receive the newest expansion, you’ll have to wait for two more seasons before you can collect your rewards. The same applies to any Premium Track rewards you might have earned from previous Season Passes. In addition, the Premium Track Season Pass reward is not transferable to another player’s PlayStation.

However, if you’re an avid dungeon-crawling gamer, the Annual Pass edition is a worthwhile purchase. This includes access to all the dungeons that have been created by Bungie in the past. These include the Duality dungeon and the Prophecy dungeon. Additionally, the Annual Pass edition will also give you access to some new content that is not found in previous editions.

To purchase the Destiny 2 Season Pass, you must have 1,000 Silver, which is a premium currency. Silver can be bought from various sources, including game retailers. In addition, you can also purchase Silver directly from the game’s Eververse store. To buy Silver, visit the menu in the game or check the marketplace for your account.


If you want to unlock the Season of Plunder, you’ll need to purchase the Season Pass. This will give you access to Ketchcrash activity, the Expedition weekly mission, and the new seasonal arsenal. In addition, you’ll get access to seasonal items such as the new Delicate Tomb fusion rifle. Season pass holders will be able to access the weapon straight away, while non-pass holders will have to reach seasonal level 35.

As with the Witch Queen expansion, the Season Pass is separate from the base game. The first season of the game was included in the base game; the second and third seasons could only be purchased separately. The fourth season was added to the game with the Forsaken expansion. Until the second season became free to play, players had to purchase the expansion separately. The Season Pass was introduced in Destiny 2 after the game became free to play, so it was not an expensive purchase.

The Season Pass also unlocks content from the expansion bundles. The content from these expansions is available until the Season ends. However, it’s important to note that Season Passes cannot be shared between players. Bungie is against the practice of allowing players to share their games.

The Season Pass also provides access to the new content from Destiny 2. The Witch Queen, the third expansion in the game, is the next expansion, and it will include the Season of the Haunted. However, the season pass does not include content from the previous seasons. In addition, players can choose to purchase a Deluxe Edition. For example, you can buy the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, which comes with unique rewards and access to all Seasons under Year 5.

The Season Pass will cost you a certain amount of Silver, which is the premium currency in Destiny 2. If you’re thinking about buying a season pass, the price of the first season is $9.99, and the second one costs $19.99. You can purchase the Season Pass at some retailers, or directly from the game’s Eververse store.

Leveling up

The Destiny 2 Season Pass is the new addition to the game, and it allows players to gain access to the game for a specific season. Each season brings with it different activities, items, and rewards for players. Leveling up your Season Pass can be a great way to get multiple rewards in a short amount of time. You can level up your Season Pass by completing Seasonal Challenges.

Completing these bounties will earn you five levels in the Season Pass. In order to complete them, you must have all your XP sources active. If you have the Well-Rested buff, you will receive a 152% XP boost. You will also receive double XP when you’re rested.

The Season Pass in Destiny 2 is an excellent way to unlock a higher level cap in the game. The season pass also comes with a free power level boost, which will help you gain access to end-game content. These boosters will help you access more gear, which is essential for levelling.


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