Learn How to Eat Slower


If you find that you eat a lot faster than you should, you may want to learn how to eat slower. There are a few tips that can help you get in the habit of eating slowly. The first tip is to focus on the chewing process. Next, you should space your utensils out and engage your senses of smell and taste. Finally, you should find a pace that feels comfortable to you.

Focus on the chewing

Chewing is a great way to get a variety of benefits. Not only does chewing help you digest food, it also produces saliva that helps wash away bacteria and food particles from your teeth. Saliva also helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain a healthy bod. And since the average human eats about 20-30 chews per day, it can be a good idea to incorporate some of that into your diet.

The best part of it all is that it does not have to be boring! A good chewing routine helps to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. In addition, the act of chewing reveals the food’s true flavors, giving you more enjoyment. Besides, eating slowly is a good indicator that you are full.

Engage your senses of taste and smell

Having a good sense of smell and taste is important to enjoy your meals. Your body has a thousand different taste buds, and each one helps you experience what you eat. In addition, smell and taste are closely linked to each other. If you have trouble smelling and tasting certain foods, you may want to use spices, marinades or bold flavors to make them more palatable. You may also find that eating with your hands allows you to explore the texture of the food you’re eating.

Before you start to eat, you should take a moment to engage your senses of smell and taste. When you do, your mood will be elevated. This will help you to slow down and enjoy your meal more. Taking notes will help you to remember what you’ve tasted and what you’ve smelled. It can also re-awaken the part of your brain that processes smells.

While you’re chewing your food, you should also be aware of how the food feels on your tongue and the sound that it makes when you swallow. These subtle differences in texture and sound can help you to experience a deeper level of enjoyment when you eat. Another good way to engage your senses of smell and taste is to add fragrant ingredients to your food. Using spices and marinades can add flavor to your meal while helping you to enjoy the texture of the food.

Taking time to experience all of your senses can lead to an amazing experience. By using your senses, you can take your mind off of your anxiety and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment to eat. Engaging your senses of taste and smell is the perfect way to eat slowly, and it can help you to enjoy all of your meals. Try this approach to eating slower next time you have a stressful day. As you experience the world through your senses, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident. Whether you’re preparing for a big event or enjoying a quiet night at home, you can enjoy your meals more.


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