When Does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Come Out?

When Does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Come Out?
When Does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Come Out?

If you have been waiting for the release of the new Pokemon games, you may be wondering when they will be released. You will want to know the date so that you can take advantage of the pre-order options. The DLC and gameplay will also be important factors to take into consideration.

Release date

It’s finally time for the ninth generation of Pokemon video games. The Pokemon Company has slowly been dripping out new information on the upcoming game. They’ve been showing off trailers and teasers of new features and characters.

The new Pokemon games will include the starters Sprigatito and Quaxly. As well as a new set of Professors. One of these is Professor Turo. He is a friend and guide to the players.

In addition to these, the new games will feature a variety of activities. Some of these include exploring the world, trading, and battling. There will also be a new open world design.

Another new feature will be the ability to tackle Gyms in any order. This will allow the player to get more familiar with the area. Also, the new game will be compatible with the Pokemon Home service. With this service, players will be able to import and transfer Pokemon from previous games.

Finally, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature two Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon will be able to ride, and they will have five different forms. Their power will be significantly increased.

These new games will be available in late 2022. Nintendo has not announced the release date yet, but it is expected to follow the release schedule for the previous major titles.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that they’ll be able to play the game on the Nintendo Switch. Until now, these games have never been released on anything other than a handheld console. However, with the release of the Nintendo Switch, fans can expect to have a lot more options.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come out on November 18. Digital gamers will be able to pre-load the game. Alternatively, they can purchase the game when it is released. Regardless, Pokemon fans are ready for this new adventure.

If you want to get an early start, you can create a new account in the New Zealand/Australia region. When this account is created, you can play the game as soon as it is released.

The game will be available for purchase at participating retailers. It’s also expected that a double pack will be available for those who want to play both.


The ninth mainline Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, was released over the weekend. This latest addition to the franchise features three main quests and the capability to create your own adventure. However, the title has received a lot of negative press. While the gameplay is certainly fun, there are some technical and visual issues to contend with.

For starters, Scarlet and Violet have a very large world map. In order to navigate it, players need to choose a partner and enroll at the Pokemon Academy. From there, they’ll find themselves in the Iberian Peninsula. They’ll need to find hidden treasure, a new gym, and a legendary Pokemon.

As with the previous generation of games, Scarlet and Violet have an impressive number of item types. These items serve crucial functions in battle and provide players with an extra boost. Additionally, the title introduces a camera app feature, which will allow players to take photos of their favorite Pokemon and use them for customized ID cards.

In addition to the standard storyline, the title also introduces two new regional forms. These include Sprigatito and Koraidon. It also introduces a new form called Tera, which is a phenomenon that allows certain Pokemon to transform into a more powerful version.

While it may not be as visually stunning as the previous generation, the title has more than enough content to keep players occupied for hours on end. Moreover, a Let’s Go feature allows leading Pokemon to explore Paldea and gather items for crafting TMs.

Other highlights include the introduction of the Terastal phenomenon, which allows Pokemon to evolve into new forms. Lastly, the title introduces a new feature that enables players to fight monsters from afar.

Overall, the title has many good ideas. Despite its shortcomings, the title has a solid storyline and is an enjoyable addition to the series.

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon series, you’ll definitely want to check out the game’s storyline. Besides, you’ll have a lot of fun battling monsters in the process. Plus, it’s one of the most exciting titles to hit the Nintendo Switch in some time.

Pre-order options

If you’re excited about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll want to get your hands on pre-order bonuses. Pre-orders are available from major retailers, but it’s important to know the difference between the freebies they’re offering.

In Japan, the game will come with an art book. However, this item is not offered in North America. Instead, the game comes with a special Pikachu that is known for its Flying move. This particular type of Pokemon has a unique crown of balloons that flashes when it transforms.

Another bonus to look out for is the in-game mystery gift function. It’s unclear exactly how this works, but it does give players the opportunity to win a rare Pikachu, which normally only comes with an electric-type type. You can also earn a Tera type of flying Pokemon and a special backpack if you use this feature.

If you’re looking to purchase both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to buy the double pack. The pack includes both games in one stylish box. It’s also available at GameStop and Walmart. Each pack comes with a code for 100 Poke Balls.

You’ll also need a Nintendo Switch account to play the game. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be able to access the game on the Nintendo eShop. There you’ll find the Mystery Gift feature, as well as many other in-game rewards.

Although there is no official list of all of the pre-order bonuses available, many retailers are offering some form of this reward. One popular retailer, Best Buy, has an entire page listing the various items on offer.

Some stores, like GameStop, offer a pin set of the two starter Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon. They’ll also sell you a special floral print backpack in the game. This is a nice touch, but it doesn’t do much to affect your gameplay.

Finally, you can also pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at Amazon. Not only will you receive the exclusive Healing Set, but you’ll also receive a download code for an in-game item that isn’t normally available.


If you haven’t been following the Pokemon series lately, you may be wondering when does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC come out. It has been over a month since the two main titles launched, and there is still no official announcement. However, a recent leak has suggested that the two games will receive some DLC.

While the leak did not give an exact date, it does indicate that it will probably be released before the first half of the year. This would follow the same pattern as the two previous games in the series.

The game has already sold millions of copies. It’s one of the top selling Nintendo Switch games of all time. Since it was released on November 17, it has sold over 10 million copies. That makes it the fastest-selling Switch game ever.

During the first three days, the game has broken several records. For example, it sold more than ten million copies, which is more than the entire Pokemon franchise has ever achieved.

There have been several credible leaks, but no official announcement. Many rumors have indicated that there will be new Pokemon and other content coming to the game.

One of the biggest rumors is about the new character that will appear. Several hints have been made about the potential return of some of the characters from the original Pokemon games. Depending on how the story is developed, this could be a valid idea.

Another potential character that appears in the game is O’Naire. He is the owner of a Kantonian Meowth. In addition to being a trainer, O’Naire has a battle program that works with Meowth. Although the game’s main protagonist, Arven, does not appear in this game, it’s possible that O’Naire is the female counterpart to him.

According to a recent tweet by PokeXperto, he has found information about a new Pokemon in Japan. However, the character does not have speaking lines, meaning that he is not officially listed in the Pokedex.

The leak has also revealed a major feature in the DLC. This means that the player will be able to do Mega Evolutions.


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