When Does Resident Evil 8 Come Out?

When Does Resident Evil 8 Come Out?
When Does Resident Evil 8 Come Out?

If you are looking for a new game and are interested in the popular Resident Evil series, you will be happy to know that the next installment of the series is on its way. You can learn more about the game’s release date and the trailer here. Plus, you’ll find out what the game’s special edition will be and what to expect from the game’s Third-person mode.

Release date

Resident Evil 8 is the next installment in Capcom’s survival horror series. The game takes place after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It will feature protagonist Ethan Winters, who is trying to build a new life with his wife Mia.

One of the first things that we know about Resident Evil 8 is that it will have a demo. This will be available for free to fans. In addition, Resident Evil 8 will have a multiplayer mode. These are two of the most exciting features of the game.

What’s more, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 8 will come in a deluxe edition. That includes a statue of Chris Redfield and a Survival Resources DLC pack.

Until now, the Resident Evil 8 release date had been a secret. However, we now know that the release date is May 7, 2021. Not only that, but it’s being made available on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC. We also know that the game will not be available on VR.

The release date for Resident Evil 8 is a huge announcement for fans of the series. Previously, the release date was thought to be April. Now that we know the date of the release, we can start pre-ordering the game. Thankfully, there are several online stores that will allow you to do just that.

While Resident Evil 8 won’t be the biggest game in the series, it certainly will be the most exciting. Aside from the aforementioned deluxe edition, it’s also been confirmed that there will be a 24-hour free demo for fans.

This is a major announcement for Capcom. While we don’t yet know what the actual gameplay will look like, we do know that the game will take its time. As a result, the launch date of Resident Evil 8 is one of the most exciting gaming events of the year.

Third-person mode

Resident Evil 8 is an incredibly difficult game. It is packed with scary horror elements, as well as terrifying bosses. In order to defeat some of the spookiest enemies, players will need to keep their eyes open. And since the game was made in a photorealistic world, players can study the environment around them.

The Resident Evil franchise has produced many spin-offs, and the Resident Evil series has been adapted into a number of Hollywood movie series. As a result, the games have become more in-depth.

However, the Resident Evil franchise hasn’t yet fully embraced the third-person view. The first game in the series, Resident Evil: Biohazard, was the first to introduce a first-person mode.

Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 have both been released with the option to play in third-person. While the official third-person mode isn’t quite ready yet, fans of the series have been able to turn to unofficial third-person mods.

While the Resident Evil games have a long way to go before they can compete with the first-person-shooter genre, it’s exciting to see how they’re adapting. With the addition of the third-person mode, it should be possible for Resident Evil fans to better enjoy the game and its unique features.

There’s no word on whether or not Capcom will release an official Resident Evil 7 third-person mode, but the company has already shared some details on the new Resident Evil Village third-person mode. According to the producer, it is like creating a brand-new game.

If you’re interested in trying the new Resident Evil Village third-person option, you can do so on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. However, you’ll have to buy the Gold Edition of the game to play it.

Winter’s Expansion

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Resident Evil franchise, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming game Resident Evil 8 which is set to be released next year. Although Capcom hasn’t revealed much about the game so far, we do know that it will feature Ethan Winters. It will also come with a multiplayer mode and a 24-hour demo.

The Resident Evil franchise has been around since 2001, with the original being released on the PlayStation platform in 2007. Since then, the series has expanded to several platforms. In addition to the original PlayStation, you can now play Resident Evil 3 on the Xbox One and Windows PC.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth main installment in the Resident Evil franchise, was released on May 7, 2021. This game was the first Resident Evil to be developed for the ninth console generation.

Earlier this year, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil: Village would be receiving an expansion. Known as the “Winters’ Expansion,” it will include new story content, a new playing mode, and updates to the existing Mercenaries.

In addition to the DLC, Resident Evil: Village will also be released as a Gold Edition. This version includes the original game and all of the Winters’ Expansion DLC. These versions are available on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC.

Resident Evil: Village is currently available on Steam for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Gold Edition will come with the main game, the Winters’ Expansion, and the Shadows of Rose story DLC.

The Resident Evil 8 demo will be available to play on May 2nd, starting at 1am PDT. There will be a 24-hour demo, which will end on May 9th.

Special edition

The Resident Evil 8 Collector’s Edition is out now. It includes a variety of in-game items and real world goodies. A lot of these items are inspired by previous numbered deliveries. There’s also a Steelbook case and a stylized foil sleeve.

As of now, the Collector’s Edition is available only from GameStop in the US. The Collector’s Edition costs $220 and is selling quickly. Some of the other items include Chris Redfield’s buttonless chester coat, which will be delivered in a special box. In addition to the game, players will also receive an art book, a statue of Chris Redfield, and a collectible poster.

There’s also the Deluxe Edition, which contains the game plus an exclusive Steelbook case. The Deluxe Edition also includes the Trauma Pack DLC. This adds an Albert01 gun, new save device, and a visual filter to make Resident Evil Village look like RE7 found footage.

Resident Evil 8’s pre-order bonuses are pretty neat. There are eight weapons and a stylized foil sleeve. In addition, you’ll also get an exclusive Umbrella Security Service patch. You’ll also get a free copy of the soundtrack.

The Limited Bonus is available for digital purchases before October 27, 2022 (Thursday) at 14:59 UTC. It will also be available for Steam purchases before November 24, 2022 (Thursday) at 16:59 UTC.

Also, if you pre-order the Collector’s Edition, you’ll get a code for the Trauma Pack DLC. The Trauma Pack includes an Albert01 gun, a visual filter that makes Resident Evil Village look like RE7 found-footage, a new save device, and a special weapon charm.

If you want to try out the game, Capcom has released a demo on the PS5. For fans who want to try the game first, there’s a Standard Edition as well.


The Resident Evil 8 trailer is now online. It demonstrates how the game looks and plays. There is a three minute clip showing gameplay.

The trailer is not very comprehensive, however. What we do know is that the main character is Ethan Winters. He is a Los Angeles native who survived the Dulvey Incident. However, he and his wife were both contaminated with a mold organism.

One of the interesting elements of the trailer is the Umbrella Corporation logo. The emblem is surrounded by a few mysterious crests. This could indicate that the symbol has some sort of connection to the Umbrella corporation.

Whether or not the logo has any significance to the actual game remains unknown. But there is one other part of the logo that may have some significance.

In the Resident Evil 8 trailer, it looks like the logo is a reference to the aforementioned logo from the original game. The logo is blue.

The most important part of the logo is the small circle on the middle. It is reminiscent of the aforementioned symbol from Resident Evil 4.

While the actual symbol does not mean much, it is definitely an indication of an important part of the game.

During the Resident Evil Showcase livestream, Capcom also released the Resident Evil 8: Village trailer. This trailer was a fun way to see how the next Resident Evil game will look and play. As you can imagine, the game has a different look than past games in the series.

The Resident Evil 8 trailer has a lot of fan theory potential. The symbol, for example, has been the subject of debate among the developers.


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